Where do I start?

The idea behind this page is to give you a very quick overview of exactly where to obtain the MI40X bodybuilding program and how to start the program.

How do I obtain the MI40 Xtreme 2.0 muscle building program?

Step 1

Click on this link https://mi40xworkout.com/xtreme. This link will take you to a page where Ben Pakulski will explain to you in a brief video the science behind the MI40X bodybuilding program and will explain to you exactly where you should start.

Step 2

MI40X - where to start the program?

Just below the video you will see clickable tabs. Click on the second tab that says “Learn More”. You will now be directed to a landing page that contains a lot of information about MI40X. You can read through all the information should you wish, or if you would like to skip to make a quick start, then simply scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see a big green button you should click to buy the program.

Step 3

After your secure payment, an email will be sent to your preferred email address containing your MI40X login details and a link to the MI40X membership site. In the email you will also be provided with your login details (username and password).

Now that I have MI40X membership access, where do I start?

In the membership area you will see several training manuals in PDF format ready for download and you will also have access to several training videos.

MI40X Rapid Start Action Plan

The preparation phase is important before simply diving into the program. The first manual available in the download area is called the ” 7 Day Detox Diet”. Detox is incredibly important to rid your cells of toxins that can prevent your cells from utilising nutrients. We recommend you study the “CEP Application Guide” and the “CEP Blueprint” while following the detox diet. These manuals will explain to you the science behind the cell expansion protocol and how to apply these principles in order to maximise muscle growth when following the MI40X workout program.   After completing the “7 Day Detox Diet”, we recommend you complete the “7 Day Primer Phase”. The goal of the Primer Phase is to re-wire your thinking to ensure that the connection between your brain and desired body movements is what it should be, in other words the goal is to get rid of bad habits and wrong execution techniques that might have been imprinted on the brain. The goal of the Primer Phase is also to pre-condition your body in preparation for what is about to happen in the next 40 days to come.

Just before starting the MI40X bodybuilding program, we recommend that you study the “Nutrition Guide” and the “Supplement Guide”. It is very important for you to work out the MI40X meal plans you will be following during the MI40X program, before embarking on your MI40X journey, If you do not feel confident in doing so, or simply do not have the time, then there is a simple solution. Ben Pakulski will customise MI40 Xtreme 2.0 meal plans for you specific to your body fat percentage, body weight and fitness goals. Your customised MI40 Xtreme meal plans can be obtained as an additional add on and will be offered to you when purchasing MI40 Xtreme 2.0. If you have not bought the MI40 Xtreme meal plans initially when you signed up for MI40X, then simply send us an email at support@mi40xworkout.com and we will make sure to get hold of your customised MI40 Xtreme meal plans for you.

We trust that you found the information on “How to start MI40 Xtreme 2.0” very helpful. If  you require more information in regards to the MI40 Xtreme muscle building program, then please refer to our MI40X muscle building program article that provides an extensive explanation of exactly what is contained inside the MI40 Xtreme 2.0 muscle building program. If you are looking for a full review on MI40X, then please refer to our MI40X review article. If you still have questions after reading the blog articles, then please comment below our blog articles. We will use your comments/questions to update our MI40 Xtreme FAQ.