Muscle Building Meal Plans

A muscle building meal plan is just as important as following a scientific muscle building program. There is a saying “You are what you eat” and there is definitely some truth in that saying. You cannot expect to follow a rigorous muscle building program if you do not have the strength (obtained from nutrition) to follow the program. Likewise you cannot expect that you will build muscle if you do not have the necessary building blocks (in the form of nutrition) to build the muscle you desire.

A muscle building meal plan should be very meticulously planned specific to your body fat percentage, body weight and fitness goals. Your fitness goals might differ from time to time depending on the specific phase of the muscle building program you find yourself in. At some point you might want to follow growth meal plans when bulking and at another stage you might wish to follow shredding meal plans in order to reveal lean shredded muscle.

The amount of calories you need to consume during each phase should be scientifically calculated in order to get the most from your muscle building program.

MI40X Meal Plans

In MI40 Xtreme 2.0, Ben Pakulski provides a nutritional guide and a supplement guide that needs to be followed when following the MI40 Xtreme muscle building program. However, these are only guidelines in order to create your own muscle building meal plans and not specifically customised to your body fat percentage, body weight and fitness goals.

Although the nutritional and supplement guide provides you with more than enough information to devise your own bodybuilding diet, not everyone has the confidence to set up their own meal plans and it can be a very time consuming exercise.

Can Ben Pakulski Customise A Muscle Building Meal Plan For Me?

Yes. Ben Pakulski offers customised MI40X meal plans as an add on when you obtain the MI40X muscle building program or on request. Ben Pakulski will scientifically customise a meal plan for you based on your body fat percentage, body weight and fitness goals. I personally had Ben Pakulski customise a bodybuilding diet for me and I can assure you that it was well worth the investment, as it saved me a ton of time and gave me the assurance that my bodybuilding meal plans are meticulously calculated by a professional, which now enables me to get the most out of MI40 Xtreme 2.0.

If you are interested in Ben Pakulski customising a bodybuilding diet for you and you have not taken Ben up on this opportunity when you first signed up to MI40 Xtreme 2.0, then please contact us at and we will ensure to hook you up with customised MI40 Xtreme meal plans.

Below is a sample of my personalised meal plans customised by Ben Pakulski. Ben hooked me up with growth and shredding meal plans to ensure I consume the right amount of calories during each phase of the MI40X workout program.

MI40X Growth Plans by Ben Pakulski

MI40X Growth Plans by Ben Pakulski

MI40X Shredding Meal Plans by Ben Pakulski

MI40X Shredding Meal Plans by Ben Pakulski

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