MI40 Xtreme by Ben Pakulski opened its doors on the 11th of June 2014 and since became one of the most talked about bodybuilding programs online. As one of the top bodybuilders in the world, Ben Pakulski is always keeping his ear on the floor to ensure he familiarises himself with the latest research and technology in regards to bodybuilding. MI40 Xtreme 2.0, also known as the MI40 CEP training program, is based on a new scientific study called, Cell Expansion Protocol (CEP).

What is Cell Expansion Protocol?

“Research has now proven without a shadow of a doubt, that in response to extreme types of stress and extreme tension, there is a special type of cell that actually attaches itself to a muscle and “donates” a nuclei to that muscle cell. This literally increases the number of nuclei in the cell and thereby allows the muscle to recover faster by synthesising more protein at one time.

This process is called satellite cell recruitment and you’re about to learn how it can be achieved in literally 4-minutes.”

(Excerpt from MI40 Xtreme – CEP The Practical Application)

Before we explore the science behind MI40 Xtreme, let me start by explaining what you will see the moment you order and get access.

MI40X Rapid Start Action Plan

MI40X Rapid Start Action Plan

Rapid Start Action Plan

As soon as you arrive on the download page, you will be greeted by Ben Pakulski. He will very briefly explain to you the science behind MI40 Xtreme and tell you exactly what steps to follow to guide you through his MI40 Xtreme muscle building program. This is really helpful as Ben explains to you exactly what steps to follow with very helpful recommendations in regards to a specific sequence you should follow to get the most from MI40 Xtreme.

Program Materials

1. 7 Day Detox Diet

This is the first manual from the Program Materials drop down menu. As you will soon find out, if you are not already aware of this, detox is incredibly important to ensure you rid your cells of all the toxins that can prevent your body from utilising nutrients. Ben Pakulski walks you through a 7 Day Detox Diet to ensure that your body cells are ready for the optimal uptake of nutrients before you embark on your MI40 Xtreme journey.

2. 7 Day Primer Phase

The Primer Phase is important to re-wire your thinking to ensure that the connection between your brain and desired body movements (execution) is what it should be, in other words the goal is to get rid of bad habits and wrong execution techniques that might exist and might be imprinted on the brain. The goal of the Primer Phase is also to pre-condition your body to get you ready for what is about to take place in the next 4o days that is to follow.

3. CEP Application Guide

The CEP Application Guide will show you how to apply the principles of Cell Expansion Protocol for optimal muscle gains.

4. CEP Blueprint

CEP Blueprint explains the four principles on which Cell Expansion Protocol is based where as The CEP Application Guide is more the practical application of these principles. The four principles that CEP is based on is cell swelling, time under tension, intra-set stretching and blood flow restriction.

5. Exercise Execution Guide

The Exercise Execution Guide provides you with all the exercises that needs to be performed when following the MI40 Xtreme program. Full colour illustrations included for each exercise.

Training Phases:

Phase 1 and 2: The idea is to train most body parts TWICE per week; once heavy with the intent of mechanical damage & high neurological stress, the 2nd workout will be focused on maximising cell swelling & hyperemia (increase in blood flow).

Phase 3: Power / Hypertrophy Phase

Phase 4: Strength / High Threshold Training

Phase 5: Deload Phase (4 days)

Phase 6: Overreach / Hypertrophy (8 days)

6. FAQ Guide

This guide covers every possible question you might have on MI40 Xtreme.

7. Nutrition Guide

Nutrition is one of the most important, if not the most important aspect and essential for bodybuilding. Preparing meals can become a full time job in itself when you are a bodybuilder and for this reason you need a Nutritional Plan. Ben Pakulski took all the guess work out of all your nutritional requirements providing you with everything you need to know about nutrition.

8. Supplement Guide

So what supplements do I need? I am sure you have personally asked this question many times, and you are not alone. It is time  to learn from the best. If anyone can give you a recommendation on what supplements to use, you can count on Ben Pakulski.

9. Workout Sheets

There are printable worksheets for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. These worksheets contains all the reps, sets and exercises that needs to be performed when following the MI40 Xtreme program. Printer Friendly versions (grayscale) with less images are also available.

Diet Calculators

Various Diet Calculators are included to help you calculate your nutritional needs.

MI40X Muscle Building Program

Total Training Videos

These Training Videos are additional to the CEP Training Video Library. The training videos are organised according to body parts and the break down is as follow:


1. Rowing Movements
2. Pullup & Pulldown Movements
3. Deadlifts (bent-knee) + Straight-Arm Pullovers


1. Barbell Exercises.
2. Dumbbell Exercises
3. Cable Exercises


Calves – All Movements


Chest – All Movements


1. Squats & Leg Presses
2. Lunges, Split Squats & Step-Ups
3. Remaining


1. Side Lateral Movements
2. Overhead Presses + Bent Lateral Raises
3. Front Raise Movements


1. Presses & Pushups
2. Pushdown Movements
3. Dip Movements
4. Extension Movements

MI40X Leg Press

CEP Training Video Library

There are 19 videos dedicated to Neurological Overload Set in this CEP Training Video Library. NOS ensures you’re getting complete muscular exhaustion which is the only way to ensure complete optimal hormonal environment inside the muscle which leads to massive muscle gains.

The science of CEP

There are 10 videos presented by Dr Wilson and Ben Pakulski on CEP. In this series Dr Wilson who dedicated his life to understanding the science behind bodybuilding, explains in detail the science behind The Cell Expansion Protocol.

Ben Pakuslski and Dr Wilson


1) 10 Videos on how to build Hardcore Abs plus a Hardcore Abs PDF

2) 6 videos on the 6 Essentials of Exercise Success

3) 3 videos on supplemental calf training

4) 6 videos on Extreme Suspension Revolution Training

Platinum enhancers

This particular section (upsale section) is not by any means essential to be successful with the MI40 Xtreme 2.0 muscle building program, but does provide additional transformation tips and tricks for those that are interested to get the utmost from this muscle building program.

MI40 Xtreme Platinum Enhancers


So is MI40 Xtreme right for you? I think there are three questions you need to ask yourself.

1) Are you willing to prepare?

As with any program you are to follow it will take quite a bit of preparation time before you can get started. You want to ensure that you have a good overview of the program and a good understanding about the science behind the program before you get started.

2) Are you willing to train hard?

Nothing in life that is effective is going to be easy to accomplish. Yes, quick results are possible with MI40 Xtreme, but definitely not without hard work and commitment. The great advantage with MI40X is that although you would be expected to train hard to reach your fitness goals you are training SMART at the same time.

3) Are you committed?

The biggest reason for failure is a lack of commitment and impatience, trying to take shortcuts. Trust that Ben Pakulski knows what he is doing and there is a reason for every sequence as laid out in the MI40 Xtreme bodybuilding program. Make sure to follow the steps methodically. Remember this: A great deal of research has gone into this program.

If you have answered “yes” to these questions above, then I am fully convinced that this will be one of the best investments you will ever make in regards to your health and fitness. 

 Achieve Your Muscle Building Goals

  Join the MI40X workout revolution today and allow Ben Pakulski to help you build that dream body

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