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Why choose MI40X?

MI40X is an elite body transformation bodybuilding program designed by IFBB pro bodybuilder, Ben Pakulski. Ben is one of the top bodybuilders in the world and the results speak for itself. The MI40X workout program is a combination of all the most effective shortcuts Ben Pakulski compiled over the years to build the maximum amount of muscle in the shortest period of time. MI40 Xtreme 2.0 was birthed from Ben Pakulski’s extensive education from the world’s brightest doctors, therapists and performance coaches.

The effectiveness of MI40 Xtreme 2.o is based on the principles taught in the  MI40X Cell Expansion Protocol (CEP). CEP training is scientifically proven to recruit the maximum amount of myosattelite cells, which results in more muscle growth than would have previously been possible due to genetic limitations. The four principles the Cell Expansion Protocol is based on is cell swelling, time under tension, intra-set stretching and blood flow restriction.


More information on the Cell Expansion Protocol and how it works can be found in our MI40X Review article which also elaborates on the pros and cons of the MI40X workout program and more information on the content of  MI40X can be found by visiting our MI40X muscle building program article.

Do I really need a muscle building program?

The short answer is, yes. We have all seen those guys and girls that claim to work out at the gym on a regular basis, but if they did not tell you that they work out on a regular basis, you would not even know that they do. So why is it that so many guys and girls that hit the gym on a regular basis have very limited muscle building success?

Here are some possible reasons:

No scientific muscle building program

Have you ever heard the saying:” Failing to plan, is planning to fail?” There is definitely some truth in this saying and it is no different to when it comes to muscle building. A muscle building program based on sound scientific knowledge is essential if you want real muscle building results. The biggest problem with those hitting the gym without a good muscle building program in place is that they get in the bad habit of exercising the same muscle groups over and over again, while neglecting to devote an equal amount of time on muscle groups which they might view as less important. A typical example is where guys devote a lot of time on exercising their biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders and abs, but will neglect to devote an equal amount of time on e.g leg exercises. You then end up with what I call the typical “Johnny Bravo effect” with scrawny legs and a big upper body. A plan of action will ensure that you devote an equal amount of time on all muscle groups instead of just doing what you feel like at the gym at that moment in time.

Not realising your potential 

– Written from the perspective of one of our MI40X review members

The MI40X workout muscle building program opened my eyes to my actual potential. When I used to hit the gym without a muscle building program, I always thought that I was hitting the gym hard and could not understand why I am not seeing better results than I did. That was until I started following the MI40X muscle building program. I honestly thought that even the MI40X beginner workout plan was insane to follow at the time. I was for quite some time thinking that I was wrong in my interpretation of the MI40X workout plan, as it just seemed insane to perform all those exercises in a single day, and all that within an hour. This made me realise that I have actually never pushed myself and it is amazing what your body is actually capable of when you set your mind to it. In short I am trying to say that I have never pushed myself close to as hard as I should have, in order to get the amazing muscle building results which I was after. This was due to the illusion that I was working hard in the gym, which was not the case at all.

No muscle building meal plan

There is a saying: “You are what you eat”. This saying is communicating the message that when it comes to building muscle, nutrition plays an incredibly important role. You cannot expect to build muscle through exercise if there are no building blocks in the form of the much needed proteins, vitamins and minerals to build that dream body you always desired. For any serious bodybuilder or fitness model a customised muscle building meal plan which might include “growth” and “shred” plans are essential. The calories you need on a daily basis should be calculated scientifically according to your body fat percentage, body weight and your fitness goals.


Ben Pakulski customise MI40X meal plans specific to your body fat percentage, body weight and fitness goals on request as an additional add on to the MI40X muscle building program. These meal plans are amazing and will save you a ton of work trying to figure out the amount of calories you need daily for “growth” and for “shredding”. If you are interested in Ben Pakulski customising meal plans for you, specific to your body fat percentage, body weight and fitness goals, then please sign up for your MI40X meal plans below in order for us to provide you with more information in this regard.

We have devoted a considerable amount of time to put together for you an FAQ in regards to MI40 Xtreme 2.0 to explain to you the benefits in following this program and to try answer any possible questions you may have in regards to the program. We also wrote a blog article called the “MI40X muscle building program” which explains to you everything contained inside the MI40 Xtreme 2.0 program and we have also written a MI40X review article where we discuss the pros and cons of the MI40X program and discuss the difference between MI40 foundation and MI40 Xtreme 2.0. If there are any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to leave your comments below the above mentioned blog articles. This will enable us to use your comments to update our MI40X FAQ page.

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